Safe Parking From Hurricane?

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Safe Parking From Hurricane?

Florida Man Parks Car In Kitchen To Protect From Hurricane Dorian!

After devastating the Bahamas for close to two days and destroying thousands of houses, Hurricane Dorian started hitting Florida’s east coast Tuesday evening. More than two million residents in Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina were warned to...



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I dread taking my car to a mechanic because I always walk away feeling like the mechanic over diagnoses me, overcharges me or treats me like an idiot. Junior's was the opposite. Very friendly and interested in my car.

Junior's Auto Repairs

Camaro Facelift?

It’s been less than three years since the sixth-generation Camaro first went on sale, but Chevrolet decided to update the Camaro’s styling for 2019. Designers didn’t mess with the cabin, powertrain, or chassis, so aside from an updated infotainment system, the changes are almost entirely cosmetic. With that in mind, how does the Camaro’s new look compare to the outgoing model?


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