Gaming platforms, automakers and car design

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Gaming platforms, automakers and car design

Gaming platforms, automakers and car design


The 3D development company Unity Technologies, known for its widely used virtual and augmented reality gaming platforms, has spent the past three years working with automakers to help improve areas from vehicle design to employee training. But since officially launching an automotive arm in May, the San Francisco company has been developing an even wider scope of tools driven by a growing interest in the technology and new ways it could help automakers. The adaptability of Unity's 3D platforms has been a major part of the technology's appeal, whether it's having the ability to view and perfect vehicle design work in real time at real size........


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Junior's Auto Repairs

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Junior's Auto Repairs

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Junior's Auto Repairs

Recall 75,000 Mercedes

Daimler said the fault affects the fuse in some of its A, B, C, and E-class cars as well as its CLA, GLA and GLC vehicles and could cause them to overheat in "unique conditions".


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