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  • Brooklyn, NY

    Sean took care of my leased vehicle that was damaged. He promised to take care of my baby and make it brand new. Not only was he finished fixing it earlier than he promised but it was good as new. I didn't want to even give him back to Nissan. Their work is quality .


    Atlanta, GA

    I dread taking my car to a mechanic because I always walk away feeling like the mechanic over diagnoses me, overcharges me or treats me like an idiot. Junior's was the opposite. Very friendly and interested in my car. They took the time to explain each issue with my car and the priority for it. They fixed my car same day and both of us (my car and myself) are happy. If you're looking for a VW repair place, go to Juniors and skip MINHS.


    Mae R.

    Brooklyn, NY

    My car broke down right near Junior's and they were super helpful. They knew right away that the alternator was acting up and Sean the manager walked me through all my options. Turns out I was covered under warranty and had to take it to the dealer, but everyone who worked there was great company while I waited to get my car towed by AAA for 2 hours.


    Big Earl M.

    Brooklyn, NY

    It's always hard to find a great shop, one that is fast, smart, and has reasonable rates. What a lucky find! Go Team Junior! I own a couple of aging vehicles, and Sean and the guys really took care, explained clearly what was needed, gave me a reasonable estimate, and next day, I drove away. This is one of two shops I would trust this side of Brooklyn, and is my #1 go to fix-it. Highly Recommend! 


    C S.

    Manhattan, NY

    I stumbled upon this place 20 minutes after purchasing a used car from a shady dealer. The engine light and TCS warning light had just come on.
    Since Junior's isn't located anywhere near my neighborhood, I told the mechanic that I just wanted to check if the car was safe to drive home, considering the warning light. The mechanic checked the error code and explained exactly what was wrong. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that he knew exactly what he was talking about and explained it very well. I got the impression that he was very honest, and he didn't charge me anything for the service.


    Desiree B.

    Brooklyn, NY

    Great service and very clear about pricing. I took my wife's beetle in today for service and I got everything I needed plus the information of what I'll need to take care of in the near future. Sean took care of us and helped by explaining what was going on with the car and letting us know up front how much it will cost. 
    I highly recommend Juniors, this is our go-to place now. 


    Sarah M.

    Brooklyn, NY

    Junior's is one of the best auto repair shops in Brooklyn.  I was driving a friend's car and I had made a mistake with the gears so the check engine light went on.  Without waiting more than 5 minutes the mechanic took the car on a test ride with me and realized it was just a simple error I was making.  He didn't charge me anything for it.  Many mechanics would have tried to take advantage that I knew nothing about cars and was a woman and charged me for something I did not really need.  Juniors was honest, respectful, quick, and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend it.


    Martin C.

    Brooklyn, NY

    This is one of the best auto repair shops in Brooklyn. I needed a new battery. I went in and they replaced it in 15 minutes at a good price. They checked my fluids and cleaned off my engine without my even asking. And then they backed my car out of the garage and onto the street. 

    The mechanics were friendly and knowledgeable and willing to explain what they were doing. As a car owner for over 20 years, I've never had a better experience with a mechanic in Brooklyn. I will definitely come back.



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