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Vehicles Coming 20..

Vehicles Coming

Automakers around the world are holding their breath as they prepare new vehicles for debuts over the next 12 months.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray

2020 Mustang GT500

Between now and next September, a handful of cars, SUVs and at least one pickup will have an outsize impact on their manufacturers and the safety, value and features available to customers.


The first Encore helped launch the subcompact luxury SUV revolution when it debuted in 2012. The Encore is still among the smallest luxury SUVs on the market, so hopes are high for the larger GX when sales begin early in 2021....


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Safe Parking From Hurricane?

With all that said, you’d probably think no one even cares about his car at the moment as the priorities are probably...

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Junior's Auto Repairs

Gender Reveal Burnout in Australia

The couple from Meningie, which is around 100 miles south of Adelaide (which is about eight hours north of Melbourne), thought it would be a good idea to slap some special tires on their Ford Falcon to illustrate the upcoming child’s gender. While this seems like a fairly standard way to handle a gender reveal, the car’s tires burst into flame during the burnout........

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I dread taking my car to a mechanic because I always walk away feeling like the mechanic over diagnoses me, overcharges me or treats me like an idiot. Junior's was the opposite. Very friendly and interested in my car.


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