Supercharger network is the template for the hydrogen era

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Supercharger network is the template for the hydrogen era

Supercharger network is the template for the hydrogen era


Elon Musk has taken his share of hits in the media for his Twitter rants and behavior that is just plain weird for a CEO. We don't know how Tesla Inc. is going to fare now that competition from Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes is here or soon will be. If Tesla doesn't make it because of mismanagement and misbehavior by Musk, and if the company goes down in flames like DeLorean, Bricklin and Tucker, there is at least one Musk legacy that is undeniably brilliant: Tesla's nationwide network of Supercharger charging stations. Tesla's Supercharger network, I think, is the template for automakers gearing up to launch fuel cell vehicles. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and General Motors are on the cutting edge of fuel cell technology, with some vehicles already available for lease and new, more efficient fuel cell stacks -- the component that creates electricity from gaseous hydrogen -- on the way. Musk answered the chicken-and-egg question with.....


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And the road, known simply as The Winding Course, is a 3.9-mile, 17-corner carnival of constant high-speed, high-lateral g driving that dips and climbs nearly 200 feet over one lap with precious little run-off or room for error, but plenty of .....

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