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Possible Development Of

Possible Development Of

A patent from Japan reveals Mazda's development of a space frame chassis that could potentially underpin a future rear-wheel-drive sports car, like the long-rumored, much-anticipated RX-9. The filing is specifically for a “Vehicle Shock Absorbing Structure” and shows a bumper connecting to the platform.
The Japanese publication Motor Magazine discovered the patent. It notes that there's a double-wishbone front suspension. A crossmember in the engine bay appears to force the powertrain to sit behind the axle, creating a front-mid engine layout. ...

Mazda Rx9


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Hardcore BMW M2

A new source claims the BMW M2 CS will be even more powerful than the M4 Competition........

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Junior's Auto Repairs

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Junior's Auto Repairs

Elon Musk, Tesla.

Last week was a difficult one for Tesla. After the carmaker waged a public war of words with federal safety regulators, CEO Elon Musk picked a Twitter fight with a magazine and may have improperly revealed financial information.


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