Cheap Rides Could Be Over

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Cheap Rides Could Be Over

Cheap Rides Could Be Over!

Uber and Lyft Suggest the Days of Cheap Rides Could Be Over Both continue to record big losses.
Lyft officials told investors they had raised prices on routes in some cities in June and touted the company’s upcoming pricing algorithms, which they hinted might be able to more precisely predict what riders might be willing to pay for a ride.


Lyft said those pricing changes would boost revenue per rider by next quarter. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that his company’s rivalry with the other big San Francisco–based ride-hailing company had cooled—for now. “We and Lyft are big-time competitors here and have been for some period of time, but for now we’re seeing, generally, category positions that are stable,” he told investors Thursday. “We are focused on improving profitability in this market.”...



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