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Experience exceptional customer service. Technicians ready to assist with any issue. Efficient comprehensive repairs. Utilization of quality equipment for repairs and Services.
Autologic coverage for European cars which provides the best support in the industry at a factory level for diagnostics and programming. Providing tuning programs for car lines which will get cars up to an additional 50 horsepower by reprogramming computers. We support BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rover with Autologic.
We use quality tools and equipment to provide comprehensive automotive diagnostics. Diagnostic tests assist in determining issue/s with vehicles that may not be easily assessed.
New York State Certified Inspection
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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

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Servicing your vehicle every certain number of miles depending on your vehicle type will assist in avoiding major repairs. Checking all parts and functionality of vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance (miles) 3,000 -- 6,000 -- 9,000 -- 12,000 -- 15,000 -- 18,000 -- 21,000 -- 24,000 -- 27,000 -- 30,000-- 33,000 -- 36,000 -- 39,000 -- 42,000 -- 45,000 -- 48,000 -- 51,000 -- 54,000 -- 57,000 -- 60,000 -- 63,000 -- 66,000 -- 69,000 --


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Ask Fastrack an auto question and the best possible answer will be given. Fastrack is learning every day, if there is not an answer today, the answer may be there tomorrow.
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Juniors Auto Repairs

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