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Autologic coverage for European cars which provides the best support in the industry at a factory level for diagnostics and programming. Providing tuning programs for car lines which will get cars up to an additional 50 horsepower by reprogramming computers. We support BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rover with Autologic.
We use quality tools and equipment to provide comprehensive automotive diagnostics. Diagnostic tests assist in determining issue/s with vehicles that may not be easily assessed.
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A+ Preventive Maintenance

A+ Preventive Maintenance

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Car Care

1) Check your owner’s guide and find out when your scheduled car maintenance services are. Usually maintenance is done every 30,000 miles and it involves checking or replacing parts like spark plugs, wires and timing belts. Down the line, other major parts may need replacing in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely. Wear & tear can naturally occur based on usage of vehicle. While it may cost a little more, scheduling service through your dealer not only guarantees genuine parts and expertise, it also keeps your service history in line and up to date, which will attract more buyers and higher prices when it comes to selling your car.

2) Replace the air filter. An air filter can be described as a vehicle's lungs. A clogged air filter can reduce gas mileage in older cars with carbureted engines by as much as 14 percent. Replacing clogged air filters can help improve acceleration time.

Carburetor - (A device that blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine)

Carbureted - (Having fuel supplied through a carburetor, rather than an injector) 

3) Oil change, this is one of the simplest car maintenance services you can do to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Not maintaining it could void your warranty and even cause an engine failure, which can cost thousands . Keeping your cooling system in working order is also important. This is also a good time to have a system flush. Having the pump, hoses, fluids and belts checked is also part of proper cooling-system maintenance.

4) Check your tire pressure. Invest a few dollars in a tire gauge and check your tire pressure regularly (including the spare). This helps improve fuel efficiency, cut down on tire wear and tear and lets you know if your vehicle is aligned correctly.

5) Wash it. Washing not only keeps your vehicle looking good, it's also a good way to maintain that new-car finish. Layers of dead bugs, bird drops, dirt, leaves and chemicals can accumulate on your vehicle can strip away wax and eventually paint. If you choose to wash your car yourself, it is not recomended to use household products, for example, hand soap, dishwashing detergent, furniture spray, or glass cleaner, which can also strip off the protective wax. Use products designed specifically for cars.

Try to remember, which & when scheduled maintenance is approaching.

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