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Street Legal 8x8 Amphibious APC

Street Legal 8x8 Amphibious APC

Street Legal 8x8 Amphibious APC

It was originally built for the U.S. Army, but now it patrols shopping malls in Michigan. If you’re anything like us scribes at Motor1.com, you probably wake up every morning (or possibly afternoon) and think about at least one vehicle you’d like to buy. Honestly, a freaking eight-wheel military-spec armored personnel carrier never crossed our minds, but the same can’t be said for Ted Yadlowsky. He and a few of his friends apparently weren’t satisfied with HumVees on 22-inch wheels and lifted Ford pickups, because they bought this thing and made it street legal.It's called the GPV Colonel, and it was originally manufactured by a company called General Purpose Vehicles in Michigan. A quick internet search shows the manufacturer builds several such vehicles designed for military use, but exactly how Yadlowsky and his partners came upon this particular machine is something of a mystery. Another quick internet search shows Yadlowsky and GPV headquarters are only about 45 miles apart, so that could have something to do with it.......



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