American Car Brands and Consumer Reports' 2018

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American Car Brands and Consumer Reports' 2018

American Car Brands on the Bottom Half of Consumer Reports' 2018 Reliability Rankings

American Car Brands on Bottom Half of Consumer Reports' 2018 Reliability Rankings

Another year, another predicted new-car reliability ranking from non-profit consumer products researchers at Consumer Reports. And this year, the domestic automakers aren’t looking so good, taking up 11 of the bottom 12 spots. Here’s a look at reliability rankings for all the brands. Each year, Consumer Reports sends a questionnaire to its members to learn about issues that they’ve had with their cars over the past year, and the severity of those issues. In their latest survey, CR got info on over 500,000 vehicles from model years 2000 to 2018, gathering information about problems that owners have had in twelve key areas, including engine internals, accessory drive, cooling system, transmission internals, drivetrain, fuel system, electrical system, brakes, climate control, exhaust, in-car electronics, and others. With typically 200 to 400 samples from each model, Consumer reports’ latest data shows every American automaker in the bottom half of the predicted new-car reliability rankings........


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